Usage with Scatter5


If you also have the Scatter5 addon by BD3D, then you can automatically make use of it with Alpha Trees using the large number of Scatter Biomes that the addon comes with.

This makes adding entire forests to your scene as simple as a few clicks in the Scatter biome manager.


Then in the "Biomes Library" section, go to "File" > "Install a .Scatpack" And then navigate to the file you just downloaded. Select it, and the Alpha Trees biomes will be installed to your scatter biome library.

First, download the Alpha Trees .scatpack file from the downloads section of your order, and then open the biome manager in the Scatter preferences.

You're done! To use the installed scatpacks, simply select an emitter terrain and click the add button.

For more information on how to use the trees in Scatter, check out the Documentation

Tips and tricks

Face towards camera

To make the trees always face towards the camera in Scatter5:

  • Go to the "rotation" panel, and enable "Align Tangent"

  • Make sure that the Default Axis is set to "Object Origin"

  • Select the active camera as the object

Fix Black boxes around Trees

When scattering with Scatter5, you might get black boxes around the edges of trees. This is caused by not having enough transparency bounces in Cycles, and can be fixed by going to the Render tab in the properties editor, then "Light Paths" > "Max Bounces" > "Transparent" and turning it up to something like 30 (higher values will raise render times). This happens automatically when scattering with Alpha Trees, but not with Scatter5.